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BodyCraft F615 Hold Down Attachment Kit (For F605 & F601 Benches)



Expand the versatility of the F605 and F601 benches. 

  • Bolts to the front of the F605 and F601 benches
  • Includes the 4 Upholstered 4-Roller Hold Down
  • Bolted Aluminum Caps Keep the Rollers in place
  • Pop-pin Adjustable with 7 vertical positions.
  • Allows user to be locked-in when using a Bar and Dumbbells
  • Allows the user to perform Ab Crunch exercises.
  • Allows for the use of the F610 Arm Curl Attachment
  • Allows for the use of the F611 Leg Extension/Curl Attachment


NOTE: This option replaces the handle that was included with your bench.

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