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Precor Discovery Barbell Rack


  • Strong, clean design
  • Space efficient storage
  • Easily replaceable wear guards


Our heavy-duty Barbell Rack, DBR 808, securely stores barbells and curl bars to allow for easy access within your home gym.

Whether you train with fixed head pro-style barbells or fixed head EZ curl bars, this rack will store up to 10 bars – five on front and five on back. The angled, open-design allows for quick and easy access to barbells, with the the added benefit of  high-impact wear guards to protect your investment for years to come.

The foundation of seasoned lifters and those new to strength training, the Precor Discovery™ Series racks are the perfect tool to take your training to new levels.  If you train in a professional facility, you’ll be familiar with our Barbell Rack, as it is the same rack chosen by professional health clubs and athletic training centers around the globe.

Functional Storage

Provides space efficient storage for up to 10 fixed head barbells and fixed head EZ Curl Bars.


High impact, segmented wear guards help protect the rack and bars and allow for easy replacement.

Easily Accessible

The design allows for quick, easy and comfortable access to fixed head bars.

Additional information

Weight 183 lbs
Dimensions 41.3 × 33.5 × 59 in
Category Free Weights, Strength
Brand Precor
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