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Precor Discovery Dumbbell Rack – 3 Tier, 15 Pair


  • Space efficient storage
  • Unique saddle design that eliminates hard metal edges
  • Ability to position multiple dumbbell racks side to side


The clean, efficient Discovery™ Series 3-Tier, 15 Pair Dumbbell Rack provides easy access to dumbbells in a space efficient design.

Functional Storage

Provides space efficient storage for 15 pairs of most commercially available fixed head, pro-style dumbbells.

User Comfort

Unique saddle design eliminates any hard metal edges that can scrape users’ knuckles when loading weights.

Aesthetically Appealing

The design allows for seamless side by side positioning of multiple Dumbbell Racks and simple tiers and saddles make the product easier to keep clean.

Additional information

Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 87 × 30.3 × 42 in
Category Free Weights, Strength
Brand Precor
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