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Precor Discovery Plate-Loaded Leg Extension


  • Adjustable back pad for proper user position
  • Promotes greater balance and muscle engagement
  • Counter-balanced movement arm


The Discovery™ Series Plate Loaded Leg Extension features independent arm movement to allow for greater balance and muscle engagement. It is easy to enter, with a single spring-assisted back pad that adjusts easily from the seated position. The lower starting weight and balanced strength curve further help to provide natural resistance through the full range of motion.

Back Pad Adjustments

Easy back pad adjustments allow for quick modifications to ensure proper position during exercise

Independent Movement

Movement arms allow for user to improve muscle balance through focused engagement of each leg, minimizing compensation of weaker muscles.

Counter Balance

The counter balance provides a smooth and fluid feel throughout the range of motion.

Additional information

Weight 291 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 63 × 47 in
Category Plate Loaded, Strength
Brand Precor
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