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Precor Discovery Plate-Loaded Seated Row


  • Promotes increase range of motion and core strength
  • Footplate and chest pad for stabilization and greater muscle recruitment
  • Multi grip handles and adjustable seat


The Discovery™ Series Plate Loaded Line Seated Row features independent movement arms, diverging pulling angles and regressive strength curves to reduce force at the bottom part of the movement and allow for a full range of motion. The large footplates and chest pad support increased stabilization for greater muscle concentration. Multiple grip positions provide greater variety and fit options.

Footplates & Chest Support

The seated row ensures proper user form with large footplates and a padded chest support. This allows for stabilization to increase muscle recruitment throughout the entire movement.

Independent Movement & Proper Angles

The movement arms move independently at an optimal angle to increase the user’s range of motion. This not only ensures proper muscle activation but also encourages user to engage core at the same time.

Exercise Variety

The pulling handles allow for multiple grip angles which provide variety in a workout. The adjustable seat allows user to position properly according to the grip they choose.

Additional information

Weight 340 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 50 × 49 in
Category Plate Loaded, Strength
Brand Precor
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