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Precor Discovery Selectorized Rotary Torso


  • Easily adjusts from the start position
  • Proper stabilization for maximum muscle engagement
  • Multi-directional resistance for easily rotation


A unique ratcheting system on the Discovery™ Series Selectorized Line Rotary Torso easily adjusts the start position so users can move efficiently into their workout. Arm, seat and back pad position secures the user and maximizes oblique muscle engagement.

Easily Adjusted Start Position

The unique ratchet system on the Rotary Torso allows the user to easily adjust the start position before entering the unit, or after sitting down.

Support for Stabilization

Arm, seat and back pad positions help secure the user for maximized oblique muscle engagement.


No workout is complete if only one side is worked. This unit provides resistance for rotation in both directions, providing a complete oblique workout.

Additional information

Weight 451 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 54 × 59 in
Category Selectorized, Strength
Brand Precor
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