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Abs Company AbSolo

The AbSolo is a fun and creative way to make traditional ab
crunches more exciting and effective. The AbSolo features
a patented ball-design within a compact footprint. The seat
design features an air-filled lumbar support pad that provides
a pre-stretch to maximize full range abdominal contraction.
Three multi-color “touch targets” promote oblique training and
to provide an opportunity for personal trainers to interact with
clients while exercising, for example calling out a sequence such
as “black, red, throw, red, yellow.” AbSolo includes a counter/timer
that gives instant feedback for counting reps or timing intervals.


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• Heavy Duty Steel Construction
• Easy to Use Digital Counter
• Three Color-Coded Touch Targets
• Complete Core and Cardio Workout
• Strong Quieter Design
• Two 6 lb. and Two 8 lb. Medicine Balls Included
• Quick and Easy Assembly

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