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Freemotion Fitness FitRig Corner Training Unit

Ideal for fitness studios, rehab offices and smaller scale gyms, the Freemotion FitRig Corner Training Unit packs a ton of training opportunities into one small footprint. Lead group training sessions with up to five people on the customizable dip station, landmine, ball target, plyo step, chin-up bar, battle rope, and suspension trainers. This creative training unit takes your square footage and creates ROI opportunities where there never were before. Thoughtful, built-in storage solutions make the Corner Training Unit as smart as it is functional. The accessory upgrade package FMDYCRN-99 (as pictured) is sold separately.



Inspire 3-5 people at one time with this uber-functional FitRig.


Dip station, landmine, ball target, plyo step, chin-up bar, optional Olympic bar and plates, battle rope, suspension trainers and so much more.


This creative training unit creates new functional space in your corner areas, while keeping your facility safe and clutter-free.

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